Preheat Your Oven to 400°. Seriously?

Has anyone noticed that it’s pretty hot out? And in. We have one window air conditioner upstairs, which is shared by two bedrooms by means of a quilt “curtain” and several fans. (Daughter is out of luck, but she-who-is-always-cold doesn’t seem to mind.) Fortunately, my living room fan, mentioned in this post, is behaving itself. Although we did have a bit of a disagreement a few days ago when it kept shutting itself off. So the living room is tolerable as long as I’m sitting in front of moving air.

But I keep reading cooking posts that direct me to turn on my oven. Like this one. Or this one. Now, anyone who knows me for long knows I love to cook, and I’m pretty good at it. At least my family seems to think so. This is partly because I’m always on the look out for good recipes and techniques.

Now that we have expanded our cable service I am addicted to the Food Network, (in spite of the very nasty way they’ve treated Paula Dean) and I find it very hard to pass up a good cookbook. I’ve got all 13 seasons of America’s Test Kitchen recipes – minus one. For some inexplicable reason, I wavered on season 11 and it’s no longer available. I will regret it forever. For a while I just couldn’t pass up those Betty Crocker recipe collections they have at supermarket checkouts. I must have 50 of those. I had to cut myself off cold turkey. I managed to nab some gems from my grandmother’s collection before PopPop had to close up house. My newest favorite is The Pioneer Woman – horses and food, it doesn’t get much better than that. I read them all like novels, though I rarely follow a recipe as written.

Anyway, back to my consternation about the heat. Am I really the only one who refuses to crank up my oven when the temperatures are 90+ degrees? America’s Test Kitchen seems to be especially bad about this. They seem to start or finish just about every recipe in the oven. Folks, when I’m looking to grill something, I want to cook it on the grill. Outside. These folks either don’t mind the heat, or somebody else is paying for the air conditioning. It’s summer – give me salad! Give me a quick saute! And leave my oven out of it.


About knitwit56

I've been a housekeeper; a craft/needlework teacher; a computer programmer; and a homeschool, stay-at-home mom. I'm still a mom, but have graduated my homeschoolers, which leaves a little more time for rediscovering the things I like to do: reading, fiber arts, cooking, writing. I'm also a "Lord of the Rings" fan - I watched "The Return of the King" 15 times in theaters, in 11 different states, and I have shelves full of Tolkien related books.
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One Response to Preheat Your Oven to 400°. Seriously?

  1. Joy Banks says:

    Love America’s Test Kitchen, but now that you mention it, they do use the oven quite a bit 🙂

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