Random Laundry Rant

What’s an “R” word for laundry? Repetitive? Routine? Relentless? Seriously, I don’t really mind doing laundry (which I keep wanting to spell without the “n”) but it’s not my favorite thing to do. That would be more along the lines of horseback riding on a beautiful spring day, or eating the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

What is it about underarm sweat that eats away at t-shirt fabric?

Why do 90 percent of the boxer shorts turn themselves inside out in the drier? Seriously, I’ve counted.

How come there are only 2 pairs of jeans one week, and 8 the next? (To be honest, I know the answer to that question.)

Why is the Kleenex always in the one pocket out of 40 that I don’t check? P.S. If I find money in a pocket, I keep it.

On the brighter side, do you know that Dawn dish soap does wonders for grease stains? I’ve even rubbed a bit on old stains that have been through the wash several times, and out they come. Other dish soaps probably work too; I happen to use Dawn.

I love my new(ish) upright washer. Mind you, I used to get a kick out of telling people that my washer was avocado green. “Really? It’s that old, huh.” It came with the house, and in spite of me wishing its demise, it lasted for years and years. It ate socks, and made holes in my sheets. Then that fateful day finally came. It broke down, and there were no replacement parts to be had. Or it would have cost more than a new machine to fix it – I don’t remember which.

My dad would have wept. This was the man who happened to see someone throwing away a working washer motor that matched their washer at home. When his washer broke down, he simply replaced the motor with the one he had stashed. Yes, I come by my pack-rattery tendencies honestly.

How did my grandmother ever manage with that wringer washing machine she had for so long? That thing used to fascinate me. I can now understand her joy when it was replaced with a new-fangled, automatic, spinner washer. At the time I was kind of sad to see the old one go. Silly me. What can I say? I was a kid. It would be some more years before a dryer appeared in their basement.

Shall I sing the praises of my new machine? It happens to be a Bosch, if anyone is interested. It uses less water than a top loader, is gentler on the fabric (no more holes in my sheets, though it did try to swallow a sock once), but gets the clothes cleaner and dryer than any top loader I’ve ever used. I can stuff a queen size comforter into that baby. And I can load it up and walk away. No more running up and down the stairs to put in softener or bleach. I can even set it to start up several hours later. End of gratuitous commercial. (And, no, I’m not being sponsored by any appliance companies.)

I really can’t complain.

Now I’m waiting for our 22 year old refrigerator to give out.


About knitwit56

I've been a housekeeper; a craft/needlework teacher; a computer programmer; and a homeschool, stay-at-home mom. I'm still a mom, but have graduated my homeschoolers, which leaves a little more time for rediscovering the things I like to do: reading, fiber arts, cooking, writing. I'm also a "Lord of the Rings" fan - I watched "The Return of the King" 15 times in theaters, in 11 different states, and I have shelves full of Tolkien related books.
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4 Responses to Random Laundry Rant

  1. I am glad you are enjoying your new washing machine. We remodeled and replaced nearly all of our appliances nearly 25 years ago, so they all seem to be ready to fail at once. But the 35 year old dryer, gold if you must know, keeps chugging happily along.along

  2. Darlene Brett says:

    The only thing I have that is really old is my crock-pot…still in use after 27 years! They call them “slow-cookers” now. Sounds like you got the best of the best with the new washing machine. Mine has had several repairs and doesn’t spin out enough for the towels, but I do have lines under cover outside to get them damp dry and then put in dryer…small NZ model that can only handle 4 or 5 towels at a time, but I have plenty of towels so that’s never a problem.

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