New Years, Fresh Starts

The holidays are officially over. NaNoWriMo is done: I didn’t win – I only got to 20,000 words or so, but I’ve got lots of material to mine for this blog. Our semi-annual trip to the mid-west is complete: even though we went earlier this year to avoid severe weather, we still wound up coming home a day early to avoid a winter storm. Christmas has been wrapped, sent, unwrapped, and put away: except for the tree and decorations, they’re still up. And the cookies – we still have plenty of cookies. And the New Year has been celebrated and welcomed in.

Our Christmas celebration experienced a minor glitch when both of our debit cards were compromised. We made the mistake of shopping at Target for the first time in years, and Dan’s card was one of the 40 million that were exposed to fraud, so his card was cancelled and we had to wait for them to send a new one. Then, while going through our account looking for possible problems, we found a $151 charge to my card that we didn’t make. So that card was also cancelled. Two days before Christmas. It all has been an interesting exercise in learning just how much we have come to depend on those cards. (I had to pay for my groceries with a check, of all things.)

Just so you know, the company that was party to the fraudulent charge on my card was Beach Body. They refused to do anything about it, and just said we needed to file a report with the police. Fortunately for us, our bank is more honest – they have refunded us the money and are pursuing the matter. There was also a fraudulent charge to Staples, but they caught it themselves and refunded the money within days.

Then, this morning I woke up with a burning desire to make a cheese souffle. Go figure. I’ve never made a souffle before, but the chef at the convalescent home where I worked many years ago used to make them. Well, now I have made one; and it turned out very well, thank you very much.

Now we’re hunkering down for the next winter storm that will be coming through tomorrow. I’ve got two cartons of milk keeping cold out on my front porch, along with the cookies and a few other things that won’t fit into my refrigerator, and I make my own bread, so I’m good there. But I’m out of cheddar cheese. Oh dear.

Here’s to 2014.


About knitwit56

I've been a housekeeper; a craft/needlework teacher; a computer programmer; and a homeschool, stay-at-home mom. I'm still a mom, but have graduated my homeschoolers, which leaves a little more time for rediscovering the things I like to do: reading, fiber arts, cooking, writing. I'm also a "Lord of the Rings" fan - I watched "The Return of the King" 15 times in theaters, in 11 different states, and I have shelves full of Tolkien related books.
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2 Responses to New Years, Fresh Starts

  1. Are you still working on the story you started for NaNoWriMo? How many words now? Don’t give it up just because Nov. is over. I think the toughest part is getting that first draft done. Write on!

    • knitwit56 says:

      Thanks. I haven’t worked on it lately – with Christmas, and travel and all. But I haven’t given up on it. I may just cut it into pieces, polish it up, and use it here.

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