Two cats sit side by side, one big and gray, the other small and white with black and brown spots. Their tales swish back and forth in companionable unison; Daisy, the smaller, younger cat, imitates her wiser, older, (and fatter) friend. Things between them have not always been so easy. In fact, when the older cat had been introduced to the household, he had been quite fearful and hid behind the couch until their human dragged him out and made him face his fears – Held down by the scruff of their necks and face to face until they figured it out.

Daisy looks over at her companion with a decidedly star-struck look. Do female cats bat their eyelashes at male cats? Daisy is smitten, and her visitor is happy to let her be. Sometimes they play tag, with Daisy doing most of the tagging until her friend tires of the game. He is surprisingly agile for such a fat cat. Sometimes when Daisy is ready to pounce he jumps straight up in the air, and she flies right under him. He has discovered that Daisy hates to have anyone touch her forehead, so when he is done playing he reaches up and pats her there. She goes off in a huff.

A few weeks later and the visitor’s humans are home from their trip. Poor Daisy is a single cat again. She looks for him, and cries in that funny, scratchy meow that she has. All she has are her memories, for as long as a cat remembers such things. Soon, she is content to be with her humans.


About knitwit56

I've been a housekeeper; a craft/needlework teacher; a computer programmer; and a homeschool, stay-at-home mom. I'm still a mom, but have graduated my homeschoolers, which leaves a little more time for rediscovering the things I like to do: reading, fiber arts, cooking, writing. I'm also a "Lord of the Rings" fan - I watched "The Return of the King" 15 times in theaters, in 11 different states, and I have shelves full of Tolkien related books.
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10 Responses to Daisy

  1. knitwit56 says:

    This post is my result from the creative writing challenge issued here: http://jtweaver.net/2014/01/11/the-270

  2. J T Weaver says:

    A good first try. Nicely done.

  3. J T Weaver says:

    Reblogged this on J T Weaver and commented:
    From “the 270”

  4. Silver Boxes, Thank you for sharing your cats. I am not particularly a cat lover, but I can’t ignore the lessons cats teach at times. I enjoyed visiting your blog. 🙂

  5. Lovely story. Great challenge isn’t it?

  6. I love watching people be baptised.

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