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Creepy Crawlies in my Closet

The other day when I went into my closet to get dressed, I was greeted by one of these hanging out on the wall. A nice, big ‘un. Now, as a rule, I’m pretty sturdy when it comes to bugs. I … Continue reading

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Two cats sit side by side, one big and gray, the other small and white with black and brown spots. Their tales swish back and forth in companionable unison; Daisy, the smaller, younger cat, imitates her wiser, older, (and fatter) … Continue reading

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And Then There Were Cats

Quite a few years ago we had some friends over for a picnic at my parents’ house. As we sat around after eating we started sharing family stories about the pets and other animals in our lives. It seems that … Continue reading

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Horse Fever I

When I was 12, I saw a Disney movie called The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit. I was hooked. I had horse fever. Bad. I also developed a crush on Kurt Russell, but that’s another story. I had taken ballet lessons … Continue reading

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