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Icicles and Sauerkraut

When my writer-daughter mentioned the other night that she had put up a new post on her blog, I realized that I haven’t posted anything for about two weeks. (News met with mild disapproval from said daughter.) Why is it … Continue reading

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It Slices, It Dices

Our refrigerator is still limping along (see: Random Laundry Rant), but our old mixer/blender/food processor/juicer finally gave up the ghost. It was an Oster Kitchen Center and it could perform any of those functions depending on the attachment you used. … Continue reading

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At Least They Were Easy to Peel

I told myself to clean the refrigerator today. It was about as empty as it ever gets with my keep-it-stocked-because-you-never-know mentality. But no. Then we went to Costco this evening and filled the thing right back up. What does that … Continue reading

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Preheat Your Oven to 400°. Seriously?

Has anyone noticed that it’s pretty hot out? And in. We have one window air conditioner upstairs, which is shared by two bedrooms by means of a quilt “curtain” and several fans. (Daughter is out of luck, but she-who-is-always-cold doesn’t … Continue reading

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Beans. Baked Beans.

My son’s friend called him recently to invite us all to his birthday party. This is not unusual – our families have celebrated similar events together for decades. But then he passed on a request that I bring “my baked … Continue reading

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